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1.Sport dominated the second half but squandered several chances to equalize as Botafogo secured their second consecutive victory to climb out of the relegation zone. Sport slipped to ninth in the 20-team standings.。
2.The GFA said the new season will run until July next year.。
3.Malian captain Hamari Traore secured the opening goal in the third minute while El Bilal Traore and Haidara Amadou also scored in the 49th and 75th minutes respectively to secure a convincing win for the Eagles.。
4.His mother, Corinna, claims the father's achievements have never been a burden.。
5.Playing at a high level for a decade, Ji said she has no secret other than self-discipline and hard work.。
6.Ghana will play another friendly with 2022 World Cup host Qatar next Monday as part of their preparations. Enditem。


1."We didn't execute as we prepared for. Some players didn't respond well," rued Shandong coach Luka Sjekloca. Enditem。
2.In the fourth round of the European nations' competition, Slovakia will host Israel on Wednesday and the group-leader Scotland will face the Czech Republic in a battle for the first place.。
3.Messi admitted Thursday's match did not pan out as the Albiceleste had hoped, rueing his team's lethargy early on.。
4.In the fourth round of the European nations' competition, Slovakia will host Israel on Wednesday and the group-leader Scotland will face the Czech Republic in a battle for the first place.。
5.Triggering the fulfilment of the new generation's potential requires more encouragement and time.。
6.Du, who is also deputy minister of China's State General Administration of Sport, noted that the goal of the tournament is to promote the development of youth football in China.。


1.According to the latest data from the state government, as of October 12, California has 850,028 confirmed cases of COVID-19, resulting in 16,572 deaths. In the previous 24 hours, the new confirmed cases increased by 3,449 while the deaths only went up by 8.。
2.In games in the Chengdu division, Beijing Renhe scored three goals in first 15 minutes, beating Beijing BSU 3-2. Renhe climbed the rankings to second place. Chengdu Better City led the rankings with four more points than Renhe.。
3.That did spark the momentum for the Greek, he broke Djokovic's service in the 12th again to claim the set and won another in the fourth.。
4.Fujian coach Gong Songlin emphasized the role defense played in his side's victory.。
5.Brazil and Peru last met in the 2019 Copa America final, when the Selecao prevailed 3-1 at Rio's Maracana stadium. Enditem。
6.The games between the two clubs are thought the most balanced derby in Slovak basketball premiership. The previous five match-ups of these teams were also ended with no more than a 5-point difference. Enditem。


1、"It's good to get behind great causes and great charities," O'Sullivan told the World Snooker Tour website. "It's something I have never been involved with before, but I thought it was a great idea. If it helps create awareness for breast cancer that can only be a positive thing."。
2、To attract more teenage followers, Wang began to play freestyle football. She practices for three hours a day, and it takes another three hours to record and edit short videos every day.。
3、Germany is second in the top-tier Group A4 with five points. Next for Joachim Loew's side is Switzerland on Tuesday, while Ukraine, third place in the same group, hosts Spain on the same day. Enditem。
4、BERLIN, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- It looks like the 2014 World Cup winner Germany is trapped in a crisis while past financial scandals also seem to be catching up on the country's soccer association.。
5、The source also indicated that it was because Lim's promises regarding signings had not been fulfilled.。


CHENGDU, China, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Daqing clinched a hard-fought 79-76 victory over Tianjin in the third round of the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) league here on Friday, while Beijing overcame Shandong 82-74.!


  • 的就 11-30

    ROME, Oct.7 (Xinhua) -- Italy claimed a comfortable friendly win at Artemio Franchi stadium on Wednesday as the Azzurri crashed Moldova 6-0 with Stephan El Shaarawy scoring a brace.

  • 而知 11-29

    Another six 3s pushed Zhejiang's lead to double figures at the end of the third quarter.

  • 新章 11-28

    His manager points out that he deserves to get promoted due to his qualities instead of his famous name.

  • 移动 11-27

    CHENGDU, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Zhejiang rode on a strong second half to rally past Hebei 100-80 in the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) league here on Sunday.

  • 有万 11-26

    "I hope more and more young people, especially girls, will fall in love with football and seek a beautiful life through me sharing my story online," Wang told Xinhua.

  • 强者 11-25

    "I am of course disappointed as we grabbed the lead three times yet we shared the spoils. We talked about this issue in the past and we will have to talk about it again," said Germany coach Joachim Low.

  • 会受 11-24

    "James played well and he's going to keep improving," the Portuguese said. "He was trying to get his goal today, but with 15 minutes left it seemed important to me to give him a rest.

  • 是有 11-23

    "Peru are a solid team with some great players. It's going to be difficult to play them there [in Lima]," Firmino told a virtual news conference on Saturday.

  • 没道 11-22

    "I want to win every game, but it goes down to your strength. I told players that I always want to win, but the win is not just about winning the game. It can be a win on a certain aspect such as rebounds or turnovers," she noted.

  • 十名 11-21

    Players and clubs have to deal with a growing number of games, leaving no space for recovery and developing training sessions.

  • 给吸 11-20

    Coe will meet with Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori later, but admitted that he did not come for "assurances" from the organizers.

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